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Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Without super- satisfied customers we don’t get repeat business or valued referrals to friends and family. In fact, referrals are so important to us we have a Comfort Specialists “Referral Rewards Program” where we send a check for $50 to any customer who refers us to a friend for a service call or new home comfort system. Here are a few comments from our customers taken directly off our satisfaction surveys…

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  1. Q: Was your initial contact with our office satisfactory?
    A: Yes.

  2. Q: How did you hear about us?
    A: Our initial recommendation came through a close friend who was a Comfort Specialists customer.

  3. Q: Did you use the internet to do research?
    A: Yes extensively.

  4. Q: Was the Comfort Consultant helpful & knowledgeable?
    A: Mark was extremely knowledgeable and confident in all areas regarding the equipment, installation, operation incentives and rebates.

  5. Q: Why did you choose Comfort Specialist to install your new system?
    A: The quality, efficiency, consumer reports, repair ratings, warranty and speed of installation was important to us. Comfort Specialists had worked in our home before, so we know their thoroughness and cleanliness. Service after the installation was another factor.

  6. Q: How would you rate Trane equipment to the other brands considered?
    A: Obvious by our choice to install it, the Trane equipment rated by outside sources and in our minds as being as good as or better than other brands. Friends, neighbors and our previous experience with Trane factored into our decision.

  7. Q: Did the installation technicians respect & protect your home while there?
    A: Yes---tarps, cardboard and vacuums all served to ensure protection. Landscaping too was protected from harm and restored to original condition.

  8. Q: What did you think of the quality of your installation?
    A: Excellent Mark returned on a follow up several days later and even then answered some questions and literally cleaned up some issues with his vacuum.

  9. Q: Would you recommend us to your friends?
    A: Very definitely. Liked the way Mark took time to explain operation after installation. Payment and cost issues were also discussed clearly and fairly.

  10. Q: How could we improve your experience with us?
    A: I really don't see any way. Mark's patience while we explored options, researched and obtained other estimates was notable. Needed time to consider he called back, but allowed us time to decide.

  11. Q: Please share any additional comments with us about your experience?
    A: We have never before worked with a company/business more careful and concerned when working inside our home or more dedicated to complete and total customer satisfaction. This was exemplified throughout installation and in the follow up visit. Prompt (unbelievably prompt) return of phone calls was another selling point, since doing so is at least partial evidence of future response.

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