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Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Without super- satisfied customers we don’t get repeat business or valued referrals to friends and family. In fact, referrals are so important to us we have a Comfort Specialists “Referral Rewards Program” where we send a check for $50 to any customer who refers us to a friend for a service call or new home comfort system. Here are a few comments from our customers taken directly off our satisfaction surveys…

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  1. Q: Was your initial contact with our office satisfactory?
    A: Yes, the service was very fast.

  2. Q: How did you hear about us?
    A: A relative has a Trane furnace and a maintenance program with you.

  3. Q: Did you use the internet to do research?
    A: No.

  4. Q: Was the Comfort Consultant helpful & knowledgeable?
    A: Absolutely.

  5. Q: Why did you choose Comfort Specialist to install your new system?
    A: Referral from relative. Phone conversation was impressive.

  6. Q: How would you rate Trane equipment to the other brands considered?
    A: #1

  7. Q: Did the installation technicians respect & protect your home while there?
    A: They really did. Excellent service!

  8. Q: What did you think of the quality of your installation?
    A: I think it's A #1.

  9. Q: Would you recommend us to your friends?
    A: No doubt I will.

  10. Q: How could we improve your experience with us?
    A: No improvement needed. You are great!

  11. Q: Please share any additional comments with us about your experience?
    A: Very professional, knowledgeable, efficient and clean! I am starting a maintenance program with you because I find your company very dependable.

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