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Other System Components

Air Cleaners, Humidifiers & Other Components Repair

There are many other components to a heating and cooling system besides the furnace and ac unit. The entire system works together to create a truly comfortable home.

We are available to service electronic and media filters, central humidifiers, condensate pumps, duct related components, uv lights and thermostats.

If you ever experience a problem with any of your system during components, you can count on our professionally trained technicians to quickly get you up and running agian! If you are currently having a problem with your system, contact us at 309-682-1300 to schedule an appointment with one of our Service Technicians to evaluate the problem.

We take the guesswork out of repair costs, and provide you with a solid commitment to ethical service. Here’s how it works: We charge you a nominal diagnostic fee that includes the trip charge to your home and a comprehensive diagnosis of your system. After we discover the problem, we give you a firm, up-front price to repair it, including all labor, parts and materials…no matter how long it takes.