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Heating Systems

Heating Systems

Furnace Replacements

At Comfort Specialists, it is our mission to provide Peoria area homeowners with the very best in heating and air conditioning replacement solutions. That is why we choose to partner with Trane — known for industry-leading reliability and devotion to advanced technology. Their dedication to the heating and cooling industry allows us to provide homeowners throughout the Peoria area with high-quality equipment and systems that we stand behind 100%.

There are many options when considering a new furnace for your home. We always design a quality system that best fits your needs and the needs of your home, not the standard good, better and best type of “sales” approach. We begin by ensuring your new furnace will be properly sized for your home, using industry-approved Manual J load calculation. See our section on system sizing.

Not only is this step required by code, it ensures you are not over-or under-sizing the furnace for the required loads of the house—a crucial piece in achieving comfort and extending the life of the equipment. We also assess your duct system to determine whether modifications or replacement is necessary due to the age and condition

When you have new Trane equipment installed by the professional team at Comfort Specialists, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that no matter what the variable Illinois weather brings, you’ll stay comfortable at home. Our most popular furnace is the Trane S9V2 followed by the more cost effective S9X1. We have several other options available based on your needs and the needs of your home.

Our Most Popular Furnaces

Heating Systems

Trane S9V2

The Trane S9V2 is our most popular furnace, with efficiencies up to 96%. If your home is like most you have several different temperatures throughout your home depending on the time of year and time of day. With two stages of heat in the winter the furnace will run on the low heat speed most of the time operating at about 65% of capacity and on a lower, quieter fan speed. From a comfort standpoint, it’s better to have a little heat going to all the rooms of the home more continuously than a big blast of heat all at once. You’ll notice more even temperatures and almost no temperature swings between on and off. Further, the high efficiency variable speed fan can be run constantly on a very low speed for around $70 a month. This will even out the temperatures in your home substantially. You won’t believe how comfortable your home will be in both the winter and summer.

Heating Systems

Trane S9X1

The Trane S9X1 furnace is a standard single stage heating furnace with a nine-speed Ecm fan motor and efficiencies of up to 95%. If you’re just interested in a reliable furnace and want to keep your initial investment down to live within your budget, this is the furnace for you. It’s still a quality Trane product and will provide total comfort your family can rely on.

Warranty And Registration

With registration, Trane furnaces will have a 10-year parts, 1-year labor warranty. The heat exchanger
will have either a limited lifetime or 20 year warranty.