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Common Questions

Should I leave my thermostat set at a constant temperature or set it back when I’m gone?

Any time you set the thermostat back you reduce the difference between outside temperature and house temperature. When this is done you reduce the heating or cooling load on the house and will save energy. Information available would suggest savings from between 5% and 15% annually depending on the frequency and amount of setback.

Do I need to change my cooling coil (A-coil) when I have a new air-conditioner installed?

You should always change the cooling coil with a new air- conditioning unit. If the old cooling coil is used you can lose up to 35% or more in efficiency on the new cooling system. In an average home this can mean over $100 per year in extra electric consumption. With the new 13 Seer efficiency standards, most manufacturers require a new coil with an expansion valve to meet the 13 Seer standard.

Why is part of my house warmer or cooler than the rest?

Chances are you have an airflow related problem. This can be corrected by balancing the airflow in the duct system of your home and, if possible, increasing the fan speed on the blower in the furnace. Doing this results in the proper amount of air delivery from each register in the house and much better comfort. In most all homes this procedure has never been done. We air balance every home we install a new system in to insure uniform comfort.

How long does it take to install a new furnace or a/c unit?

It commonly takes one day to install a furnace and a day and a half to install a furnace and air-conditioner. Should you need a furnace in the cold weather we will always have the new furnace installed with the heat on before we leave for the day. We’ll never leave you in the cold.